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"Folkdances of a nucleic village"

By: Nikki Danielle

    "Folkdances of a nucleic village"is a collaborative effort of the DANA Movement Ensemble creative team led by Founder/artistic director Nick M.Daniels. This multi-media/multi-disciplinary dance theater performance art piece takes us on a journey into a post nucleic city and confronts the socio political-economic climate of that time. By combining site specific imagery, live streaming video, dance,and theater this emotionally charged work truly confronts relevant and current events and issues and lends itself for discussion of these issues.

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    Scott Burkhart
      4 May 2017

      Raw "in your face" work that reflects a message that requires you think about the ideas in the performance & how they effect you in your current life.

      Trevor Miles
        2 May 2017

        "Your beliefs / feelings are unsuitable." Powerful!!!!!

        Gisele Marks
          1 May 2017

          Something to think about. If one could transport to the fallout shelters underground Germany, Nick has captured the reality of a surreal corner in his mindsight.

          Diane Daniels
            29 Apr 2017

            Nick's work is always so creative and timely. He has such a nack for bringing so many mediums together.

            Brad Palmer
              8 Apr 2017

              Given recent events and the socio-political climate we live in, this looks to be a very poignant and provocative work.